Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yelp Review - Backyard BBQ Pit

Backyard BBQ Pit

5122 NC Hwy 55
Durham, NC 27713
(919) 544-991
August 2011

Oh. my. goodness.  I thought the pork was amazing.  I had the pulled pork with the coleslaw, mac&cheese, and sweet potatoes.  Hubby had the collards, so I tried that too.  Oh, and hush puppies...cannot forget the hush puppies!  The pork was moist and flavorful and I could really taste the smoke.  I did not add too much extra sauce as I was sharing with Lilly and did not want it too spicy for her.  I did not think it needed it, and believe me, I am a sauce person.  The mac&cheese was good, but not as good as my mom's.  I was not thrilled with the sweet potatoes.  They were in a sweet, gelatinous sauce that was just so-so.  The collards were delicious as were the hush puppies.  Oh and the sweet tea was great!  I am not always a fan, but I loved theirs.  Affordable, tasty, casual....I liked reading all the writing on the wall.  It said it all!  I left our mark: Melvinly 2011 and Jersey girls like BBQ :)

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