Friday, July 8, 2011


Crazy loud thunderstorms have stopped my grilling plans for tonight.  I am making sausage and peppers and I am not sure that grilling would have improved them that much more.  I like my sausage super well done and doing it in the oven is simple and delicious.  If I change my mind about grilling in the rain I will let you know.

Later that night....It is a good thing I had not started all my grill prep because I needed to do a an errand for someone as a favor and I did not get home until after 7pm and I would have been too hungry to start dinner.  I should have taken a picture because, man oh man alive were those onions and peppers amazing.  With very little prep and time spent actually cooking, I made sausage and peppers and onions over spaghetti with a fresh salad with green leaf lettuce, grape tomatoes and strawberries.  Now if only I had thought to make dessert...

edited to add:
I had leftovers for lunch and snapped a quick picture of it.  Check out how nice and caramelized those Vidalia onions are.  Their sweetness complemented the hot italian sausage nicely.

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